The Living

Welcome to the Living DoNATION. For people in need of a kidney transplant, a living-donor kidney transplant can be a life-saving solution. The Living DoNATION is a group of students who help to spread the word about the life-saving power of being a living-kidney donor. 

As the waiting list for kidneys continues to grow, our goal is to raise awareness so people know that living donation can reverse this trend and save lives. The Living DoNATION offers resources for schools to share this information with middle school, high school, and college students. Check out this site to learn more, and reach out to get started!

“can I do it?”

Living donors need to be between 18 and 75 years old, be in good health, and go through a complete health exam. But the most important thing is that they have an unselfish desire to help a person in need.

“why aren’t there enough organs available?”

It’s pretty rare for people to be able to donate organs after they die. Only about three in 1,000 people die in a way that allows for organ donation (and only half of those consent to donation).

“what are the benefits to living donation?”

Kidneys from living donors last nearly twice as long! If everyone in need of a kidney transplant had a living donor, there would be no waiting list.

“is it dangerous?”

Living donation is much safer than you think. While recovery times may vary, those who choose to donate usually go home after one or two days. And they can live a full and healthy life.

“so what can I do?”

Simply spread the word about living-kidney donation. That way you can support the mission of – and be a part of – The Living DoNATION.